June 15, 2024

Who Are The Big Four?

Oh the 80s, so many great bands formed and rose to fame, the years that bloomed thrash metal, everyone’s favorite genre! No? Not mine either, but what is thrash anyways?

Thrash is often called heavy metal, characterized by its fast tempo, aggressive vocals, and best of all- guitar riffs and shreds. Some bands that best showcase thrash include Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer, and Anthrax- also known as the big four. The big four refers to the most known American thrash bands of the time. In their primes, they’d tour around the world together with huge success.

While all four bands are considered thrash metal, they each have their own unique sound that sets them apart from each other. Metallica is the biggest and most commercially successful band of the four, due in part to their more radio-friendly sound. Megadeth is known for its technicality and speed, being more of the fast and aggressive thrash bands. Slayer is considered the most extreme of the four, with their dark and violent lyrics often focusing on topics such as Satanism, death, and warfare. Anthrax is the odd one out, being the only band of the four with a consistent sense of humor present in their music.

The big four of metal dominated the 80s and continues to influence the metal scene today. Now, all but Slayer still tours, having disbanded in 2019. Although before that they haven’t performed together since 2010.

Big Four in Sofia, Bulgaria