April 15, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars Summary


The game against the Jacksonville Jaguars begins with them kicking the ball off, but they do a onside kick and recovered. But Jaguars can’t do anything with the ball, they punt. Mahomes is scrambling and throwing dots all over the field, even with a huge pass to Juju on 3rd, but that will all end with the Jaguars causing a fumble. Jaguars do go down the field but they are stopped on 3rd and 2 midfield, they punt. Mahomes is throwing cross bodies to Kelce for a huge gain and his other receivers. First and goal for Chiefs, Mahomes throws to his wide open receiver Toney for a chiefs touchdown. Score is 7-0.

Jaguars get ball but they are pressured and sacked, they punt. Mahomes once again dotting up the defense, but on 3rd and 10 he throws a bullet but to low for his receiver, they punt. Jaguars on 3rd and 11 do a screen, they get the first. On 2nd and 11 Lawrence is sacked, and sacked again. They try for a field goal but its missed. Chiefs do a screen with Toney and he runs all over the defense. 2nd and 1 Mahomes steps up and throws a floater to his receiver for a touchdown. Score is 14-0.

Jaguars go downfield until they are stopped on 3rd and 4, they punt. Chiefs are running all over the defense. Mahomes throws a floater to his backup tight end for a touchdown. Score is 20-0, Butker misses the field goal. 35 seconds left for the Jaguars in the first half and they somehow score making the score 20-7. On kickoff the returner fumbles, Jaguars get the ball but miss another field goal. Score is 20-7 at half.

Lawrence is dotting up the chiefs defense but is sacked on 3rd and 2. They go for it and get it. Jaguars go down in the Chiefs redzone and score. Score is 20-14 but it is called back for illegal man downfield. 3rd and goal from a long way, Lawrence is sacked. The Jaguars go for a field goal, making the score 20-10. Chiefs are going down field, on 2nd and 2 Toney is doubled teamed but still snags the ball. 2nd and goal Mahomes throws a curl route to Kelce for a Chiefs touchdown. Score is 27-10.

Jaguars go 3 and out. 3rd and 4 Mahomes runs around and he finds a receiver for a first down. 2nd and 9, Mahomes is intercepted. 3rd and 3 Jaguars, Lawrence throws a floater to his receiver for a touchdown. Score is 17-27. 3rd and 7 Mahomes get hits hard but gets the ball off and throws a bomb to his receiver for a first down while doubled covered. 4th and 2 Chiefs, they get it. Chiefs chew clock and win 27-17.