May 18, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans Overview

1st Quarter

The Chiefs start with the ball, the first play they do is a screen to the right for 4 yards. Chiefs continue to do screens on 2nd and 4 Mahomes throws a screen to his tight end for a first down and more. On 2nd and 8, Mahomes throws a bullet to Juju for a first down. 2nd and 15 Mahomes scrambles and runs like a toddler for first down. 3rd and 8 Mahomes throws an outside route to his receiver for another first down. It’s 3rd and goal from the 17-yard line, Mahomes throws a slant route to his wide receiver Mecole Hardman but he doesn’t get in. Chiefs settle for a field goal. making the score 3-0. The first play for the Titans, they go with a tight end screen, the tight end somehow breaks it all for a huge gain. 3rd and 14 Malik Willis is getting pressured, he breaks one tackle scrambles to his right, breaks another but is forced to throw it out of bounds. Titans punt. On 1st and 10 Mahomes finds a wide open Kelce for a huge gain. 3rd and 7 Mahomes throws a huge ball for his backup wide receiver Watson for a huge gain. Chiefs are on the titans 11 yard line.

2nd Quarter

3rd and 5 Mahomes throws it to his receiver MeCole Hardman for a Chiefs touchdown. Butker kicks the extra point but he misses, score is 9-0. 1st and 10 Willis scrambles to his right, he backs up because of the pressure but somehow throws it to his receiver for a 1st down. 2nd and 6 Willis runs with the ball for a another 1st down. 1st and 10, Titans give the ball to Henry for a huge gain, the Titans are in the redzone. 2nd and 12 Willis scrambles to his left for a couple of yards. Titans go in wildcat formation, Henry snaps the ball and runs in for a Titans touchdown, score is 9-7. Chiefs go 3 and out, Titans get the ball back. They run with Henry for a huge gain and gets into the redzone in 1 play. Willis throws up to his receiver for a titans 1st down. Titans are on the 2 yard line and Henry runs in for another touchdown, score is now 9-14. With 1 minute left, Mahomes throws bullets to his receivers driving down the field. 2nd and 10, Mahomes scrambles and gets a first down. 3rd and 1 Mahomes get sacked. Final score for the half is 9-14.

3rd Quarter

Chiefs get the ball starting the second half. It is 2nd and 10, Mahomes runs around and gets tackled from behind but somehow throws a shovel pass to his tight end Kelce for a first down. 1st and 10, Mahomes runs to his right, hrows a pass to Kelce, Kelce bobbles it and it is intercepted by the Titans. 3rd and 5, Willis scrambles and gets nowhere, Titans settle for a field goal making the score 9-17. 3rd and 1, Mahomes runs to his left, breaking tackles, and throws it to his running back for a first down and more. 3rd and 8 Mahomes throws it up to his receiver but Mahomes over throws, Chiefs go with a with a field goal but its missed. Score is still 9-17.

4th Quarter

Titans get the ball starting the 4th. They keep running the ball with Henry. They go with a screen but its stopped by Nick Bolton, the Chiefs linebacker, Titans punt. It is 2nd and 10, Mahomes gets sacked. 3rd and 17 Mahomes scrambles to his right, and runs through the middle for a first down. Mahomes starts shredding the defense again, On 3rd and 9 at the 11 yard line Mahomes scrambles in for a touchdown. Score is 15-17, they go for a 2 point conversion and Mahomes scrambles in, score is 17-17. Titans have ball, it’s 3rd and 8 but Willis gets sacked from behind, Titans punt. 3rd and 1 Chiefs go for a tight end sneak but they do not get it. 4th and inches, Chiefs run a draw with the running back for a 1st down. 3rd and 10 Mahomes overthrows Kelce, Chiefs punt. 3rd and 10 Titans Willis throws to his receiver but its dropped with 16 seconds left in the 4th. Chiefs throw the ball to MeCole Hardman with blockers in the front but time runs out, it is going to overtime, with the score being 17-17.


2nd and 11 Mahomes throws it while slipping, to his tight end for a first down. 3rd and inches, Mahomes does a play action, runs back away from the defender, throws the ball high to his receiver for a first down, but there’s a flag. It gets called back. Its 3rd and 1 Mahomes throws it to his wide open receiver MeCole Hardman but Mahomes throws it too hard for him, he drops it. Its 4th and 1, Chiefs go for it. Mahomes throws a zig route to his receiver Juju for a Chiefs first down. 3rd and 10, Mahomes runs around and throws to Kelce but its too low for him to catch it. Chiefs go with a field goal making the score 20-17. 2nd and 9, Willis is sacked, 3rd and 21, Willis is sacked again. 4th and 26, Willis throws to his receiver, but its almost picked off and the ball hits the ground. Games over, Chiefs win 20-17.