December 10, 2023

Mr. Hernandez wins a $1,000 Award

Bryan Hernandez Rubero also known as Mr. Hernandez, one of our Biology Teachers and the SHS GSA Sponsor. On November 10th, received a $1000 check as the state winner of the Wendell G. Mohling Foundation Scholarship Award. The award was received by scholarship founder Carol Mohling, Kay Neill who is the chair for the foundation, and Marlin Weyer, who is the foundation board treasurer. The award was granted to Mr. Hernandez being used to increase his professional development by attending a regional National Science Teachers Association Conference on Science Education. Mr. Hernandez completed the application essay to compete for the award and was picked to attend the NSTA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 22-25 of this year.

“If more opportunities existed, like the one provided by the Wendell G. Mohling Foundation Scholarship, to help educators be exposed to a wider net of pedagogy information, outside of their immediate school districts, by attending national science conferences, then the entire education system would only benefit.”

Bryan Hernandez Rubero


This award pays for his membership for one year to the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science or otherwise known as KATS. This membership will provide him with a bunch of statewide opportunities for professional development in further advancements throughout his career.