May 18, 2024

10 Things to Do With Snow With Kids

Children build snowman. Kids building snow man playing outdoors on sunny snowy winter day. Outdoor family fun on Christmas vacation. Boy and girl play snow balls. Winter clothing for baby and toddler.

Here today I’ll be talking about 10 things to do in the snow, either by yourself or with family and friends.

  1. Make an Igloo

You can make a small igloo in the backyard, either for a pet or a small child like a little brother or sister. It does require a lot of skill and a lot of snow to pull off. But it will be worth it.

2. Snow Fighting

You can snow fight with family and friends, it’s really fun but it can hurt a lot. Make sure to wear gloves because the snow is very cold on your hands, and try not to get frostbite.

3. Catch a Snowflake

Try catching snowflakes when they’re falling out of the sky. They’re really cool to look at with their exotic details. But take a good look fast, they do dissolve in your hands. But did you know every snowflake has different designs?

4. Make Snow Cones Out of Snow

This one is for little kids, but they can play around with snow and make snow cones. Of course, if they can’t eat it, they’ll probably get sick. Just make sure it isn’t yellow snow.

5. Make Snow Man’s

This one is obvious, but make a snowman family and let it sit outside. It’s really easy to make. Let the little kids play with it. Trust me they will love it.

6. Sled on the snow

This one going to be fun with the little ones, especially if you have a hill in your yard. Get a sled, put your little siblings on it, and pull them around! They are going to love it, everyone would have a good time.

7. Try to Get a Snowflake on Your Tongue

This is like trying to catch a snowflake with your hand, but with your tongue! It’s a little harder, but it tastes good. It dissolves on your tongue, and it tastes like water, I wonder why.

8. Make Kids Go On a Treasure Hunt

Hide a toy or something in the snow for little children to find. They will enjoy it a lot it will take them some time, and they may even get frustrated. But when they find it, they’ll be happy.

9. Play Tic-Tac-Toe in the Snow

Let little kids pay tic-tac-toe in the snow with sticks its fun, and cooler. Let them have a tournament for a special prize.

10. Look for Animal Snow Prints

Go into the forest and look for prints in the snow, and see what types of animals are there.