June 15, 2024

How Different Cultures Celebrate the New Year Around the World

The New Year is when friends and family gather to celebrate a new start. The past couple of years has been out of the ordinary for everyone all around the world. Nevertheless, one thing is that certain practices are a must for cultures all around the world right now to glimpse into the future and remind us what we should be looking forward to. With everyone needing the most luck they can get this year, this list is gathered to honor and concentrate on the different traditions around the world.

1. United States

On New Year’s Eve (December 31st), Americans will gather to celebrate the beginning of a new year by tuning in to watch the “ball drop”. To other cultures, this might be unusual but it has grown to be a significant tradition for Americans. The ball drop takes place in New york city at Times Square which broadcasts on tv for everyone to watch. They also have a traditional song called “Auld Lang Syne” to greet the New Year. This day marks the time of year that gives everyone a chance to take time to remember the previous year and improve the year to come.

2. Spain

The most common tradition for the Spanish is to start the year by eating twelve grapes which symbolize each strike on the clock on December 31st. This also designates to the months of the year. This tradition is called “Las doce uvas de la Suerte”, a Spanish custom dating back to the late 1800s, and is believed to bring them prosperity and fortune. Some other tradition for the Spanish is broadcasting the clock chiming on TV, wearing red underwear to attract love, or yellow underwear to attract money for the new year.

3. Japan

New Year is the most important holiday for Japan and will usually last from 1-3 days. Starting on December 1st the shrines and temples throughout japan offer friends and families a place to visit together throughout the new year, a tradition called “Hatsumode”. This tradition helps to relish a good year’s fortune it was also the first Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine visit of the New Year for the Japanese. People in Japan start off the new year by eating a bowl of soba noodles while the Buddhist temple offers the noodles to the poor. It is believed eating them represents a literal break away from the recent year rationally because the long thin noodles are firm yet easy to bite.

4. Brazil

For Brazil parties are the best way to start off the new year. When the clock strikes 12, fireworks are set off and go on for about half an hour. If deciding to visit Brazil for the new year be ready for loud music and to join in on their many traditions to bring wealth and good fortune. You will typically encounter Brazilians dressed in white clothing as well as eating lentils and rice to help maintain good luck. Another tradition in Brazil is Jumping seven waves in the ocean when the clock strikes midnight, one of the most common traditions in Brazil. According to the Greeks, the sea has spirituality which causes our energies to be renewed when we enter it.

5. India

New Year in India is filled with lots of colors and activities. Activities include nightclubs, movie theatres, resorts, restaurants, and amusement parks for people to kick off the New Year. People will wish each other a happy new year by giving greeting cards or trading messages. Another tradition for New Year is to assemble a statue of an old man and burn it down. This would exemplify moving on from past resentments and making room for the new year.

6. France

People in France will typically start out New Year celebrating with friends and family under the shared firework displays for all to view. People will join in to sing songs like The song of a New Year and the adaptation of the Scottish Auld Lang Syne while sharing some champagne and sparkling white or hot wine. The day after is laid back with businesses commonly closed for many to enjoy the day with family.

7. Canada

Canada will usually celebrate January 1st at parties at home, bars, or the club. However, a big part of Canadians’ New Year is fish. Fishes are said to bring abundance to your New Year and are typically seen as good luck. Canadians will usually take this time to ice fish with friends to bring prosperity into the New Year. This sport gives Canadians an excellent way to celebrate the new year together and look at the recent years in the hope to move forward.