April 17, 2024

Chiefs’ Justin Reid Says Every Bengals Pass-Catcher ‘Getting Locked Up’; Bengals Players Respond

It does not seem to matter to Chiefs Safety Justin Reid, claiming that no matter who the player is, they will get locked down if they are in front of him.

Now Reid who signed with Kansas City in the offseason and did not take part in the AFC Championship loss a year ago, told reporters that he is hoping to be the difference in the rematch this Sunday. But Reid was not exactly polished up on who he’d actually be up against.

“They have 88 — Higbee.  No, it’s not. Higbee was with the Rams,” Reid said to reporters. “What’s his name? Higgins. It is Higgins. Higbee and Higgins. They are going to have him back. He’s a very talented receiver. More of a finesse type of guy. Not the best blocker. I’m going to lock him down. Straight up.” 

However, Reid did not even mean to call out Tee Higgins in the first place, clarifying on Twitter that he was talking about Tight end Hayden Hurst. But even after this, Reid still did not back down from his proclamation, on social media he even added that “any and everybody still getting locked up”.

That ended up catching the attention of Bengals star wide receiver, Ja’Marr Chase, whose coming back this week from injury. He responded to Reid on Twitter with “let’s put some money on it big time”. Reid replied with, “y’all welcome for the extra motivation. Ima see you Sunday champ”.

Then on Thursday, Hurst was asked about the Reid’s. The Bengals Tight end replied with, “he could pick anybody in this locker room, but I feel like I’m the last person you probably want to talk shit about. I have a long memory”.

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