July 16, 2024

Results of Strict Parenting

Kids raised with strict parents tend to have antisocial behavior problems such as rebellion, anger, aggression and delinquency. Kids with strict parents also learn that power is always right. Did you know Strict parents are more likely to have kids who grow up with animosity towards their parents instead of love. Some parents are controlling because they fear being seen as incompetent parents if their children make mistakes. Kids learn what they live and what their parent’s model. If parents discipline their children with punitive emotions, they model how to react punitively when upset. They also learn how to become good actors. They behave well at home but act differently when their parents aren’t around.

The love of the parents pushes them to be strict about their children because they don’t want them to experience what they did at a young age. In some cases, parents are strict because their parents were strict towards them.