May 21, 2024

Nepotism Babies

Nepotism- it’s nothing new. But what is it? Nepotism is the practice of the powerful/influential being favored and given more opportunities. Opportunities meaning jobs like roles in movies, modeling gigs, etc. Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of actor Johnny Depp and French model/singer Vanessa Paradis is a great example. Despite her being 5’3 she’s a Chanel model, just like her mother was. Without a doubt, her super-famous-actor dad got her roles in movies such as banger A24 film ‘Tusk’. Nepotism babies are often called out for being born into privilege and handed what they have. Though because they are given these opportunities by parents (etc.) we can not blame them, unless, of course, they suck. Such as the Kardashians, more specifically, Kendall. If you are given such exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunities regularly you tend to not work as hard. Since they didn’t have to-to get their position they don’t have a standard to keep. Shown by her regularly criticized modeling/runway skills. For some reason people expect celebrities to actually be normal people who just happen to be famous. So when that’s shattered, they look around suddenly everybody’s parents are Uma Therman tier famous. It’s not new, only noticed. Nepotism is similar to a monarchy, once parents are old and can’t to do whatever; they use their influence to pass it to their children. It’s common in governments, Hollywood, anything that involves having influence. But hey, not all nepotism babies suck, obviously. So though they might have been born into what they have, who cares when they are actually good at it?