December 10, 2023

Chiefs vs Bengals AFC Championship Summary

1st Quarter

Joe Burrow and the Bengals get the ball to start off the game. 2nd and 7 Burrow throws a crossing route to his receiver for a Bengals 1st down. All that will end with Joe Burrow getting sacked on 3rd and 9. Bengals punt. Mahomes get the ball, he throws to his running back Pacheco for looks like no gain but his speed gets them a first down and more. Chiefs are driving down the field, on 3rd and 4 on the 25 yard line. Mahomes throws it up to his receiver Toney on Hilton and he looks like he caught it but he ended up not having control at the end of the catch, Chiefs settle for 3. Joe Burrow and the Bengals get the ball its 2nd and 8 and Joe Burrow is sacked. 3rd and 18, Joe burrow has no time to read the defense and he gets sacked again. Chiefs get the ball back and start with a screen to Pacheco and get the first down. Mahomes throws an out route to his receiver Toney he jukes way to hard, and gets injured. 2nd and 11 Mahomes throws a bullet to his tight end Kelce but he laterals it to the running back McKinnon. 1st and 10 Mahomes throws another bullet to his running back Mckinnon for a 1st down. Chiefs are now in the red zone. Chiefs run the ball with Pacheco and get in for the touchdown. But it gets called back for holding, chiefs go back 10 yards and can not do anything with the ball, they settle for a field goal. Score is 6-0.

2nd Quarter

Bengals keep doing screen passes to drive down the field. On a 3rd and 14 Joe burrow somehow finds his receiver for a Bengals first down. 2nd and 10 Joe Burrow finds his receiver in the middle of the field for another Bengals first. They are in the Chiefs red zone. 3rd and 7 Joe Burrow throws to his tight end Hayden Hurst but he could not make the catch and they settle with a field goal, score is 6-3. Chiefs drive down the field with Mahomes slinging it to his receivers. 1st and 10 Mahomes throws a bomb to his receiver MVS; Marquez Valdez-Scantling, for a Chiefs first down. 3rd and 1 Mahomes gets sacked but its not a lost of yardage. 4th and 1 Chiefs go for it, Mahomes runs to his right and throws to his tight end Travis Kelce for a Chiefs touchdown, score is now 13-3 Chiefs. 3rd and 3 for the Bengals, Joe burrow throws a dime to the defense, the Chiefs get the ball midfield. The Chiefs offense couldn’t get a yard off it though, they punt it back. 3rd and 2, Joe burrow runs around, he cross body to his tight end and its intercepted, but they call pass interference. 2nd and 9 Joe throws it to his receiver Chase for a 1st down. Bengals are driving down the field with slant routes. Joe Burrow throws a 50/50 ball to his receiver Higgins and he come down with it. Bengals are at the 8 yard line with 8 seconds. They could not get nothing out of it, they settle for a field goal. 13-6 at half.

3rd Quarter

The Chiefs started with a 3 and out. The Bengals drive down the field on 3rd and 6, Bengals go for a QB draw and get the first. The Bengals are in the red zone. 3rd and 6 again, Joe burrow throws it high to his receiver Higgins double covered, and he still makes the catch for a touchdown, the score is 13-13. 3rd and 6 Mahomes scrambles to his left and throws a dime to his receiver, Hardman, for the first. 2nd and 5 for the Chiefs, Mahomes throws a check down to his receiver for a first down and a lot more. 3rd and 7 Mahomes throws a curl route to his receiver MVS looks like it’s short but he reaches out for the first. 3rd and 10 Mahomes steps up, throws it while jumping, and gets it to his receiver MVS for a Chiefs touchdown on Hilton. The score is 20-13. 3rd and 17 for the Bengals and Joe burrow scrambles to his left but it’s tipped and they have to punt. Mahomes and the chiefs are driving down the field. Mahomes was about to throw a screen to his receiver but he fumbles the ball, and the Bengals recovered. 3rd and 5 for the Bengals. Burrows throws a check-down to his running back but he does not get anything out of it.

4th Quarter

4th and 6 for the Bengals to start and they decide to go for it. Joe Burrow throws it up to his receiver Chase, while double-covered and somehow, someway, caught it. The Bengals run it in for the touchdown score is 20-20. 3rd and 9 for the Chiefs, Mahomes gets sacked but there is a flag on Eli Apple for holding. The Chiefs end up punting the ball away. 3rd and 3 Burrow throws it up to his receiver Higgins, it gets tipped and intercepted. 1st and 10 for the chiefs Mahomes throws a check down to his running back and Pacheco breaks 2 guys and gets the first and more. 3rd and 12 and the Chiefs get stopped, they punt. 3rd and 16 Joe burrow finds his tight end for the first with under a minute. On 3rd and 8 Chris Jones sacked Joe burrow and they punt with under a minute to go in regulation. Skyy Moore is back there and gets a huge gain. Giving Mahomes 30 secs to get in field goal range. Mahomes throws a check down to his running back for 6 yards. 3rd and 4 Mahomes scrambles to his right and gets pushed out of bounds late. They get an unnecessary roughness, that gives the chiefs 15 more yards. Now they are in field goal range. They kick the field goal with 8 seconds left and kicker Harrison Butker nails it. Final score is 23-20 Chiefs win. Chiefs vs Eagles in SB57.