December 10, 2023

Culican 2.0

On January 3rd, the famous drug lord El Chapo’s son was arrested. El Chapo’s son’s name is Ovidio Guzman and his nickname is El Raton. When the Mexican military captured him the cartel got hold of the information. The cartel, known as the Sinaloa cartel, was furious about their leader being captured.

The cartel demanded that Ovidio Guzman be released or they will start fighting against the military and terrorizing the cities. This is not the first time Ovidio was arrested back in October 2019 he was captured but then released to keep the locals and others safe. Even though he was captured they are still fighting the Mexican military.

Following up on his arrest, there has been nonstop fighting. Right now, Sinaloa is very dangerous to visit right now and is at war between the cartel and the military. They fight through the day and night and will not stop until their leader is free. The military also said it was ready to go against the cartel and will not back down this time. The president of Mexico spoke out saying that Ovidio would not be released and would probably be extradited to the U.S., the same as his father.

Leading up to his capture they are trying to have everything under control and keep the cartel away from major areas even though they are all throughout the cities. When Ovidio was captured they flew the Mexican flag with a helicopter stating that Mexico will fight and keep their country safe and make sure nothing get out of hand. In 2019, the cartel committed over 5 million dollars in property damage and many casualties. Now in today’s date, they want to prevent this but the cartel is willing to do whatever it takes to get their leader free. Although the cartel is very big the Mexican army is still fighting back and winning most gunfights against them.

The cartel has been a major risk for a while now but now fighting to get their leader back makes it dangerous for pathways or even trying to live a struggle to survive. Many families have evacuated or moved away from the danger zones of the fight but without one of the biggest leaders, they have no control and the cartel will get out of hand and start even bigger fights and many more will be hurt over time and more destruction will happen throughout the cities. The Sinaloa cartel is known to be the largest and one of the most dangerous cartels right now. With the fighting going on they are willing to burn down equipment to terrorize the locals, also there is now a curfew for those who live in some parts of Mexico.

This time Ovidio is captured and will not let go because last time the Mexican government said it was an embarrassment and showed they are weak against the cartel. They have decided to hold Ovidio at ¬†Federal Social Readaptation Center and decided whether to extradite him or not. Even though they captured two Guzman there is one more they haven’t captured. Last, what will the Mexican government decide to do to keep their cities under control and the cartel under control?

This is Ovidio Guzman Lopez and the destruction he can cause