May 24, 2024

Spy Balloon Gets Across the United States Before Being Detected and Shot Down

Spy balloon’s goal

A spy balloon was deployed by China to fly over the United States and has since been shot dot down. The balloon has been evaluated by American intelligence agencies. It is believed that the balloon is part of a global surveillance effort to collect data on countries around the world and their military capabilities. Officials believe that the balloon flights over the U.S. are China’s attempts to collect data on American military bases.

China’s spy balloon program

China’s surveillance balloon program has been used to gather data from nations across the globe. It has been stated by officials that the program has operated in multiple locations. The Pentagon spokesman, Brig Gen. Patrick S. Ryder said that these spy balloons have been sightings in Latin America, South America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Europe; the spy balloon operations have been going on for years.

The spy balloon being shot down off the coast of South Carolina

Balloons observed in the United States

There have been 5 sightings of spy balloons operating in the United States; three were spotted during the Trump administration and two more have since been observed during the Biden administration. At the time of the Trump administration, the balloons were classified as unidentified aerial phenomena. It was determined in 2020 that all of the balloons are part of China’s global balloon surveillance effort after the incidents had been reviewed.