December 8, 2023

The Continuing War In Ukraine

Today in Ukraine the war is still going on against Russia but getting more intense. Next month marks a year of Russia’s attack against Ukraine. There have been many casualties and people so trying to evacuate at this time. Also, NATO allies have sent tanks and aircraft to help out the Ukrainian military. Putin has seen this as NATO trying to step in and has warned NATO not to step in and help Ukraine. Putin has resorted to bombing as well.

President Zelensky has been over to London and Paris for appeals in person outside of his own country. As Russian soldiers try and push there the Ukrainian troops they have been fighting back and holding their own for a while now. Russians are trying to destroy all supplies and power from Ukraine to gain control over them by taking power plants and other buildings that operate in Ukraine. Russians have been shooting ballistic missiles and Iranians made drones to go to certain places.

As many buildings were taken over or destroyed it makes it hard for the people who are still there hard to survive. President Putin said, “we will bring Ukraine to darkness”. This Friday Russia attacked and destroyed a major energy info structure and serval more. Ukrainian generals have been reported to be shooting down ballistic missiles in several different parts of Ukraine. Some parts of Ukraine have little causalities other than some which have been taken over by Russian troops.

In the night in Kyiv president, Zelensky spook out saying that Russia can and must be stopped. Ukraine has been asking allies for fighter jets and more supplies to help out. In other news, Irian has been modifying fighter drones for Russia and supplying them with them. These drones can drop bombs or explode on impact. Also, Romania said the missile has missed their land and Russia did not hit Romania. There was searching through the Ukrainian office and found more than 50 people helping out Russia with files and more. Another thing the swiss government has denied of some weaponry to Ukrainians as some of it violates war rules.

Russia has shot over 300 miles into Ukraine. Ukraine’s president is worried about Russia’s attacks getting more violent and causing more causalities as Russia advance. Russia has built up and token over the Eastern part of Ukraine. Ukrainians have been fighting the Svatove-Kreminna frontline and Russia is having no success in that region. Russia is planning on not making over 500,000 thousand barrels of oil by next month. There were reports of unsuccessful bombings in the city of Dnipro and Ukraine has been shooting down cruise misses. While fighting NATO urges to boost defense. As the battle goes on a Ukrainian more solid spoke out saying surviving is starting to become a struggle and places to live are becoming small too. Many NATO members are worried that Russia might have a full-scale aerial attack and wants to prepare Ukraine. Kyiv also had a spoke as they say they have seen a Russian balloon and shot it down as it posed a threat. The EU’s top diplomat urges all allies to send more tanks to Ukraine. The U.S. defense sectary says Russians are throwing bodies at the problem even though low on supplies and many of their soldiers aren’t don’t have the best equipment also very little training. Many countries are putting sanctions on Iran for helping and supplying Russia with a drone as such the EU is targeting Iran the most for their decision made.

this is the destruction of the war in Ukraine