June 15, 2024

Philadelphia Eagles Fans riot after losing Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs

Philadelphia fans were pretty upset with how the Super Bowl went on Sunday night as they watched their team lose to 38-35 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes scrambled on the Chief’s final drive to ensure the team was in field goal range, but a late holding penalty on Eagles cornerback James Bradberry got the team closer than before. Harrison Butker kicked the go ahead field goal to help the Chiefs win.

Back out east, Eagles fans took to the streets of Philadelphia screaming; “**** the Chiefs!” to take their anger out. Fans scoured the roads under heavy police presence. They marched down the streets banging drums with not a care in the world.

Philadelphia police issued warnings to fans to disperse the crowd. Fireworks were lit and people climbed poles. Someone even threw a section of a fence, thankfully nobody got hit with it.

Fans setting off fireworks in the middle of the street.

Police officers and SWAT team members stood ready in gear as they ordered revelers to disperse over a speaker. At 11 pm smoke bombs were delayed to break up the crowds and have people get home. Videos are posted on Twitter. Some fans are seen taken into custody but there’s no word on how many arrest were made.

Fans turned a car over on the street near Temple University before the game even started.

People remained mostly peaceful on Board Street and the crowd left between 11 pm and midnight.

“I’m so disappointed at that call, (Bradberry) barely touched him, at the end of the game, you’re gonna make a call like that? The Super Bowl will be decided on a call like that?” one fan said to Fox 29.

Bird fans continued to cheer on their team’s last-minute upset as confetti rained down and fireworks in the sky.

“Not happy.” Grumpy’s Tavern manager Keith D’Alfonso grumbled as patrons yelled.

Fans watching the Chiefs beat the Eagles