May 19, 2024

Cody Ko Married

Commentary youtuber turned dating show fanboy Cody Ko announced his marriage to his girlfriend of 5 years. Posting pictures to Instagram Feb 6th currently with 1.1 million likes and comments from many congratulating them. On Feb. 4, Mr. Kolodziejzyk and Ms. Kreppel were officially married. 150 guests gathered at the Sands Hotel and Spa in Indian Wells, California in an intimate celebration of love. Back in December 2021, Cody proposed on a Malibu beach with a setup of wine and flowers. Though Kelsey wasn’t the only one surprised that day when Cody noticed the washed-up body of a seal being on her path to the setup. Though it worried him that the smell and presence might ruin it, Kelsey took a selfie with the body and he was even more sure of his decisions. The couple living in LA with their dog Chili now posting honey moon pictures. On Instagram Kelsey shares their travel to Turks and Caicos Island and spending their time on an Amanyara resort.

“the greatest way I can spend forever is by your side. best weekend of my entire life. i love you.” Kelsey Kreppel to Instagram

The wedding photos