June 15, 2024

Leo Mystery Death

YouTuber Leo Rex, 34, was found dead in his ransacked Thai apartment. Leo Rex was found dead on Monday. Leo Rex, a YouTuber, who described himself as the ‘foremost expert in penis enragement’ has died at the age of 34 in mysterious circumstances, sparking a police probe. The health vlogger, whose YouTube channel was called Leo and Longevity, was found naked apart from a black shirt, lying face down with blood leaking from his mouth and nose and a bruise on his left eye, police said. Laith’s clothes had been scattered everywhere and the shelves and toilet in the bathroom had been destroyed in an apparent raid, officers added. The influencer’s YouTube channel Leo and longevity had 123,000 subscribers. He often posted about exercise and food supplements.

Friend Aicha Humera Rattanaphan, 25, said: ‘The dead body was found by his friends after they were unable to contact him. The door was locked so they used the spare key to get inside before finding the body. ‘He lived alone in this room. he didn’t have many visitors.’ He said: ‘We will be interrogating the victim’s friends and a woman who had stayed with him before he died. ‘We urge the public not to jump to conclusions until a complete examination has been done.’ Police Captin Sombat said today that foul play had not been ruled out of their investigation. He said ‘The room looked like there had been a disturbance so it’s possible somebody else was with him before he died or the victim was distressed in some way.’ Laith’s body was taken to the institute of Forensic Medicine for a post-mortem examination. The Us Embassy in Bang; Kok was also informed of their countryman’s death in order for his relatives to be contacted.