May 18, 2024

Why Did Paramount Get Sued?

Paramount has been sued multiple times by many other companies for using their shows or content. The show known as South Park, which is owned by Warner Bros, found out Paramount has their show and making money off of it. Last month on February 27th, Warner bros sued Paramount for 500 million dollars. Paramount has been sued for other famous movies or shows that have been seen for example Top Gun 2. Another thing about this case is HBO Max which is a rival streaming service against is has made over a billion dollars off the show but the difference is HBO Max has a contract with Paramount and is a unit of it so having another streaming service making a lot of money without permission could lead to their prices dropping and losing viewers from there platforms.

The owner of South Park broke his contract in August 2021 and was told to have his shows and movies taken down despite this Paramount left his show on their platform. Another way Paramount got sued is because of Top Gun 2. Top Gun 2 came out on April 28th, 2022 and then a month later Paramount got a hold of it and released it but was sued because of copyright issues with the movie. The reason why under copyright law in the US, copyrights may revert to the original author after 35 years. In the lawsuit, Yonas’s heirs argue that Paramount distributed the sequel without obtaining a new license to use the underlying material. In both cases, Paramount lost both times and had to pay over 100 million dollars to these films and their owner. This is not their only lawsuit but the most recent one from the last year.

Some mention are they got sued for airing a scene from Rome and Juliet when both actors were not of legal age. Paramount has run into a lot of problems the past year with their rivals and other company also for breaking contracts but all around a good platform to watch many movies and tv shows for a decent price. Paramount launched on March 4th, 2021 so it is still a young competitor from other platforms. Even though it is not very old they bring in million every month. Paramount also streams outside the United States. Paramount+ is currently available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Latin America, the Middle East “as a pay TV channel”, Nordics, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Although Paramount has gotten sued they are a thriving streaming service used for many things making millions a year these lawsuits don’t affect their way of doing things and they keep going on.