May 18, 2024

MLB Power Rankings: Braves’ Off to Stellar Start; Rays Impressive Streak Comes to an End

As the third week of the 2023 MLB season is underway, plenty of surprises and expected things have occurred.

The Rays started their season 13-0, the Diamondbacks look better than the Dodgers, and the Rangers are improving.

As far as expected things, the Royals are 4-13 to start the season, the Braves are hitting on all cylinders right now, and the Angels are still looking mediocre at best despite having the two best players in all of baseball.

1. Tampa Bay Rays

After starting the season 13-0 and tying an MLB record, this team is 1-3 in their last 4, was it all a fluke? Probably not, look for the Rays to do some damage this season.

2. Atlanta Braves

Has their start been amazing? Yes. Has their schedule so far been below-average teams? Absolutely. However, this team can still hit the ball better than any other team.

3. Milwaukee Brewers

The start for this team has been more than impressive. Even though they lost the series to Arizona, going to San Deigo and winning 3 of 4 is just what they need.

4. New York Yankees

The Yankees right now are 4-0-1 in their five series this season. They currently stand as the only team to not lose a series this season.

5. Toronto Blue Jays

They’ve won 9 of their last 12 and took the series from a previously unbeaten Rays team. Now can this team take the next big step?

6. Minnesota Twins

Another young team in the same weak division as the Guardians, just the question is, which young team can outperform the other? Well, the Twins’ pitching rotation has looked the best so far.

7. New York Mets

Ever since Steve Cohen took over, this team has spent money and I mean tons of money. So then, in theory, money = wins? So far, yes it does.

8. Cleveland Guardians

A very young team in a weak division? They should be looking to be just as good as last year or even better.

9. San Diego Padres

If everyone on this team could hit their stride at the same time, it is to be believed that they could be one of the best in all of MLB. Of course, they are gearing up to add Frenando Tatis Jr. back to the team this Thursday.

10. Houston Astros

Sadly the defending champions’ start of 8-9 may only be a fluke right now, as they had this same start last year. But as of late, they have won their last 3 of 4.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks

12. Los Angeles Dodgers

13. Baltimore Orioles

14. Chicago Cubs

15. Texas Rangers

16. Seattle Mariners

17. Boston Red Sox

18. St. Louis Cardinals

19. Los Angeles Angels

20. Miami Marlins

21. Pittsburgh Pirates

22. Philadelphia Phillies

23. Chicago White Sox

24. San Francisco Giants

25. Cincinnati Reds

26. Colorado Rockies

27. Detroit Tigers

28. Washington Nationals

29. Kansas City Royals

30. Oakland Athletics

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