June 15, 2024

March Madness 2023 Summary

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 16: A detailed view of the March Madness logo is seen prior to the first round game between the Utah State Aggies and the Missouri Tigers in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Golden 1 Center on March 16, 2023 in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

I’ll be starting with the teams that made it to the Sweet 16. There were way to many teams and the story would be way too long. First I’ll start with the #1 Alabama and the #5 SDSU. Alabama would end up losing 64-71. Next, the #6 Creighton and #15 Princeton, Creighton will end up being Princeton 86-75. The #9 FAU and #4 Tennessee went against each other, but FAU ended up winning 62-55. The #1 seed Houston goes against #5 Miami(FL), and Houston end up losing 75-89. Next #3 Xavier and #2 Texas, Texas ends up beating Xavier 83-71. The #8 Arkansas and the #4 UnConn go at it, UConn will win 88-65.

Now we enter the elite 8. First, we start with SDSU and Creighton. Creighton will lose 56-57. Next FAU and #3 Kansas State, Kansas State ended up losing 76-78. Next up Miami(FL) and Texas, this would be an offensive shootout, the final score being 88-81. Next up we got UConn and Gonzaga, the final score ended up being 82-54.

Now we’re in the Final Four. This will be a close one, decided by 1 point. But FAU will end up putting in 71 points and still lose by a point. Next, we got UConn and Miami(FL). This will end up being a BLOWOUT, UConn will win 72-59. The National Championship will be between San Diego St. and UConn. This will also be a blowout, SDSU will lose 59-76. UConn is the 2023 NCAA National Champions.