December 2, 2023

Frank Ocean Performs for The First Time in 6 Years

Coachella is considered one of the most popular and influential festivals in the world. The festival’s attendance has been reported to be as high as 250,000. So of course, Frank Ocean made his return there to a crowd of thousands. Coachella being as popular as it is- is observed by those who couldn’t attend via live stream, so many fans were disappointed to see that Mr. Ocean’s live performance had been canceled by YouTube. Ocean was originally going to headline Coachella in 2020 – but the entire festival was canceled due to COVID-19. He skipped the following year and marked this one his return. After a reported ankle injury, Ocean made it to the stage an hour after he was said to perform. To make things worse, due to the date of the concert (Sunday), it was cut off at midnight. Meaning the concert started later and ended earlier. Some fans say that the show was underwhelming, and others left early. Some called the performances anticlimactic, saying that Ocean’s stage presence wasn’t up to par. For those that traveled just for his set, it was more than a ball drop. Ocean’ second day is the 23rd, so there’s time to make up for the insufficient show he put on and redeem himself for those dissatisfied with the previous concert… or not! Frank Ocean announced on April 19th that he will not be returning for the second week of Coachella due to “fractures in his leg and ankle”.