May 18, 2024

There are a variety of art classes at South High School. Whether you are looking for an easy art credit or are testing your art abilities, South has you covered. As a student you need at least one art credit to graduate, that is 2 semesters. Too many students wait until their Junior or Senior year to get their art credit, so make sure to get your art credit asap! because you never know if you will want to continue to more advanced art classes.


Ceramics/Pottery has 4 levels, Ceramics/Pottery 1, 2, 3 and Ap Studio Art

In Ceramics/Pottery 1 you learn all about the basics like slab building, coil building, pinch pots and many more techniques. There are plenty of tools you will learn how to use such as X-Actos Knives, kemper tools, mud tools, ribs, trimming tools and many more. You will learn how to put these techniques to work and how to use the tools so you can create amazing works of art.

Ceramics/Pottery 2 and 3 are more advanced levels of Ceramics and test your abilities and everything you learned in the first year of Ceramics/Pottery.


Drawing/Painting also has 4 levels, Painting/Drawing 1,2,3 and Ap Studio Art.

In Drawing/Painting 1 you will learn basic and simple techniques like shading. Everything you learn will be used and put to the test and will be pushed harder in Painting/Drawing 2 and 3.

Ap Studio Art Painting/Drawing and Ceramics/Pottery

Ceramics/Pottery and Painting/Drawing are the only art classes at south that reach college level.

In both classes if you ever decide to take one will have to come up with one theme that your are willing to work with for the entire year. You must also come up with 3 questions that goes along with your theme and every project you make must go along with those questions and your theme.

As you work throughout the year you will build a collections of projects that you will need to create a portfolio that you will submit at the end of the year. Your portfolio will be graded and based off how well you do will determine how many college credits you get.


Sculpture has 3 levels

Sculpture is a class is a class where you will learn how make anything out of everything besides ceramic clay. In Sculpture 1 there is a lot of freedom in the class. You can also work on your projects solo or in groups. The projects are choice based and there will also be historical art to learn about.

Sculpture 2 and 3 are more advanced than sculpture 1 and you to build more of want you want to. Sculpture 3 will get submit one of their works to scholastics.

Art History

There is only one level of art history

In the class of art history you will not be learning about a certain time period, but about the history of art all throughout time. You will learn a lot about why people dress the way they do and why people get tattoos. There more things you will learn bout like piercings and even scarring.

The class will start out with a more traditional unit but will slowly shift into what the students want to learn. Class interest are all taken into consideration. There will be academic vocabulary and you will learn how to analyze art.

If you are looking for an art class that is more like an normal class with only a few pojects this one can work you.

A very important part of the class is it will try to give you a higher appreciation for art.

Photo Imaging

Photo Imaging is 1 semester long

It is great class if you want to learn about how to use cameras and all if it’s functions. A big part is that you will learn how to take good pictures. There is little to no book work and there will be photo shoots every two weeks so you will be able to learn all the ins and outs of the camera.

That is not all, you will learn how to edit photos in photoshop and how to use photoshop. One more thing you can learn is copyright and mush more. This class is great if want to learn a lot just in 1 semester.

Where can I see the art creations?

If you walk down A Hall you can see all of the creations from all the Painting/Drawing on the wall. Some of them are posted online.

You can see clay creations from the Ceramic/Pottery classes on Instagram @southhighclay on Instagram.