February 21, 2024

Rain World Community Taken by Storm From A Mod.

Rain World is a game on Steam. The base game is $24.13 and the DLC Rain World Downpour is $14.99. In Rain World, you play as a species in the game called a slugcat. There is a Steam Workshop where you can get mods, and the most known mod that has taken the community by storm is the fully finished fan-made DLC dubbed Pearlcat. Whilst you play as Pearlcat, you have to care for yourself and a slugcat. You can collect dyed pearls all around the map, and use them to gain abilities. For example, the green pearl can revive anything, including yourself. With Pearlcat, it has an entirely custom storyline and sprites. In Pearlcat, there are still the dangers such as lizards, vultures, centipedes, and much more. Personally, I would say it would be a steal of a deal to play Rain World’s Pearlcat mod, it offers a bunch of things that you can do, and many ways you can have fun. For example, if you use Jolly Co-Op with it, you can help other players and collect pearls, making sure to keep everything as safe as possible. I do not know, however, if the slugpup still remains if you use Pearlcat. More than likely, however, the slugpup does not. Since you can be any slugcat in Jolly Co-Op, an interesting duo would be Beecat and Pearlcat. Beecat can temporarily fly and it can sting creatures to stun them, whilst Pearlcat could revive themself and the Beecat, as well as use red pearls to one-shot the creatures attempting to kill them. Overall, I would highly recommend giving Rain World, Rain World Downpour, and its mods a try. It can give a good challenge and will make sure to keep you captivated- it can be fun just watching how its AI acts with controlling lizards, even if you’re dead.