May 18, 2024

Has Kanye West Been Cloned?

Ye formally known as Kanye West is an American rapper and song-writer. You may also know him as Kim Kardashians’ former husband. He has been involved in many controversial moments such as declaring in an interview that he likes Hitler. The most recent speculations are that he has been cloned and joined the Illuminati. After a concert at the end of 2022, Ye stated that his mom was sacrificed he went missing at the end of 2022. When he reoccurred many People were saying things like he was acting differently and he had fewer outbursts to the public. they are also saying things about his appearance changing. They say things like Ye has gotten taller or appears taller. This all came from paparazzi photos of him standing next to his rumored new wife Bianca Censoryi whose height is unconfirmed but is rumored to be 5’7 and Ye who stands at 5’8 is still significantly taller than her when she is in heel but he is close to bear foot. People are also saying that when he was performing in Rome with Travis Scott, tattoos were missing that were there before.
It has also been speculated that his body has changed. Things like his nose looking bigger now than it did in 2022 and his ears being smaller. It is also said that he looks very old or rapidly aging in the last year than he has before. It is also said that his physique has changed he has gotten more muscular and less lean. It has also been pointed out by some fans that his head looks longer. Fans also think he joined the Illuminati because when talking to paparazzi “If I ever went anywhere we’d know why, you understand what I’m saying ?” and many fans took this as he was speaking about the Illuminati. In late 2022 he said he can’t be controlled by anybody but god. In late 2022 he was performing freestyle and said ” Artists be to scared to stand up to something they scared to lose they f house and they scared to loose they record deal, I sold my soul to the devil I know it’s a crappy deal at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal.” many fans are speculating that he sold his soul to the devil and the Illuminati for are the money and fame.
After hearing all of this information people are still asking If Ye was cloned where are they keeping him? Do his kids know where he is? Does his current or ex-wife know where he is? why is his ex-wife and currant wife not speaking out on the situation? Is his family in danger? Is this all-one publicity stunt? These allegations have neither been confirmed nor denied by Kim or Bianca.