May 24, 2024

Fashions Evolution From Then to Now

Fashion has changed a lot over the years, but still you see a lot of similar and recycled items as you did in the 80’s or 90’s. Modern fashion embraces bold looks, loud colors and makeup looks, but many say fashion has become boring or too reused and even has strayed completely from the eye catching presentation of the clothes on runways to boring walks and outrages designs. Old fashion went through their own eras and genres of high demand fashion.

Grunge, minimalist, and glam were three categories that people thought represented this era of fashion best. These collections featured amazing models that really captured the outfits in their walks. People often compare the modern walks of Bella Hadid to the cat walks of Shalom Harlow or Naomi Campbell. Saying modern models don’t have as unique or signature walks, and over all the 90’s were a time where experimenting in fashion was wide; people weren’t afraid of eccentric designs. Despite the decline in some people eyes, the resources for fashion have improved quite a bit. Things like artificial fibers, dyes and cuffing techniques have given fashion designers creative freedom and flexibility, improving designs and quality.

Although the 70’s-90’s may hold the most iconic walks and outfits overall, modern design’s quality and creativity has improved with more iconic looks yet to come.