May 24, 2024

Aaron Rodgers Injury: Jets Slip into Another Year of Mediocrity? 

75 seconds into Aaron Rodgers’ highly anticipated New York Jets debut game, he’s down and out for the season with an Achilles tear. Rodgers played just four snaps, not even finishing his first possession. Now, all eyes are on the Jets, as they choose to stick with Zach Wilson, #2 pick overall in the 2021 draft, currently heading towards “bust” territory.

Wilson didn’t do so hot last season, with 187.6 passing yards per game with a 6:7 TD-to-INT ratio, per The Jets also have the decision to search for another…more promising quarterback. Many are hesitant with the choice the Jets have made. Rodgers is aiming for a playoff return, after he “underwent an innovative new procedure created to speed up the traditional rehab process for an Achilles tear”, per Bleacher Report.

That may not be possible, if the Jets do not choose to make an adjustment soon, their 2023 season may not be salvageable and hopes of playoff contention may slip. 

Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images 

However bad Zach Wilson may be, every NFL front office is going to have a backup plan for the worst-case scenario, especially the Jets, with factors like Rodger’s age taken into account. It can only be assumed Wilson is the backup plan, maybe a whole offseason spent under Rodger’s wing would’ve allowed him to mature and take that next step, that the Jets desperately need him to take. If he does not, another year could be spent for the New York Jets in mediocrity limbo.