April 15, 2024

South Spirit Week 9-25/9-29

Spirit week is the week before homecoming where, to show your school spirit, you dress up according to fun themes that our student council decided on.

Monday is soccer moms VS BBQ dads. On this day you will dress up in either your best yoga pants or your best jorts.

Tuesday is cliques day, dress as your heart desires with what clique you fit into ( jock, vsco, grunge, etc.)

On Wednesday, come to school with anything but a backpack (anything!).

Thursday is class decades day: Freshman wear clothes from the 1970s, Sophomores wear 80s, juniors are the 90s and last but not least seniors are the 2000s.

For Friday the theme is Neon VS Blackout, with the fall homecoming 2023 theme being dancing in the dark.