May 19, 2024

‘Wolf Quest: Anniversary Edition’ Adds Dogs!

The first playable demo of WolfQuest was released on October 31, 2007. The first episode of the game was released on December 21, 2007, as a free, downloadable game for Macintosh and Windows computers. Wolf Quest Anniversary Edition is a game currently being worked on by Eduweb. Wolf Quest Anniversary Edition is on Steam, for $20 for just the base game. There is a DLC, that accesses another map, as well as a skin pack that gives more customization for the wolf. In Wolf Quest, you try to survive as a wolf in a pretty harsh lands, and if your computer can handle it, it can even look real. First of all, you have to hunt an elk so you can find a mate. After you find a possible mate, you have to spend time courting with them, up to the point that you can become mates, then you have to find a fitting den so you can have pups. With the new addition of dogs to the game, it’ll make it more of a fun challenge trying to survive with a new species added in separate from coyotes and rival wolves. Dogs are primarily found in the map Lost River. In Lost River, you have to try to piece together the lore and find what made all of the humans leave. After all, it is a ghost town with many buildings still completely intact, and everything looking fine, yet there’s not even one person. I personally would recommend getting Wolf Quest if you are an animal person because- even if your computer cannot handle the high graphics, it’s really fun and amusing to play.