June 15, 2024

Kraft Recalls American Cheese Slices

Kraft Singles is not referred to as cheese by the health department because it does not meet the FDA’s standards. To be considered “true cheese” it has to be more than half cheese but Kraft singles have less than 51% milk curds or cheese so it is not considered to be cheese. Kraft Heinz is recalling 24 and 72-count packages of their individually wrapped singles of American cheese. The cheese is being recalled because there were about 83,000 cases where there was an extra wrapper on the cheese, even after one was removed. This was said to be because of a temporary malfunction with the Kraft’s machines. The malfunction was that their machine “could potentially” disperse a thin piece of film onto the cheese before putting on the wrapper. In The Kraft company’s statement it was said that there were six case’s of people choking on the leftover plastic/film.

Photo Via iStock