December 8, 2023

Cooper Flagg: #1 Ranked Basketball Player in 2024 Class

Cooper Flagg is an American basketball player who currently attends Montverde Academy. Flagg is 16 years of age, born in Newport, ME. Flagg plays Forward, weighing 200 lbs. and is 6’8”, and is a 5-star player.

Around August of this year, Cooper Flagg announced he would be reclassing from the class of 2025, where he was ranked #1, to the class of 2024, where he continues to dominate the rankings as the #1 player in the class, and as the top prospect in all high school basketball in the country. 

Cooper Flagg, described by NBA scouts as a potentially generational talent that is an elite two-way prospect with incredible instincts. Flagg is considered a defensive standout, and a great shot blocker and particularly dominant as an off-ball defender. He’s fundamentally sound, and recently emerged as a major offensive prospect as well. He has great vision and a passing upside, utilizing his skillful footwork to create space and openings for himself. He is an advanced shot maker and strong finisher. Considering his age, there’s still some refinement to be done, but he is solid in all aspects.  

Cooper Flagg had a breakout summer, leading a spectacular EYBL campaign, headlined by an average of 25.4 points, 13.0 rebounds, 6.9 blocks and 5.7 assists per game at Peach Jam, per Sports Illustrated. Between two games, Cooper Flagg dropped 71 points, 32 rebounds, 11 assists and 20 blocks. Maintaining incredible numbers, while playing with some of the best players in the country, was a spectacular feat, proving him to be a top prospect. 

As for college, Cooper Flagg has been speculated to attend either UConn or Duke. He was previously speculated to attend Kansas as well, but he recently cancelled his scheduled October 6th visit. Many believe the final choice will be Duke, well-known as a NCAA powerhouse with five national championships, and they are fourth all-time in wins of any NCAA men’s basketball program. UConn, similarly, has also achieved five NCAA tournament championships, also known as a Blue Blood. However, Duke recently beat UConn, on September 23rd, 41-7, with Cooper Flagg in attendance, an embarrassing loss for two schools historically thought to be on a similar level. Even more so, 247sports has put Duke as a lock-in for Flagg, with a Crystal Ball prediction of 100%. 

Photo Via FIBA Basketball

In short, Cooper Flagg is an unbelievable prospect, with a solid foundation, and continuously on the path of refinement, and perfection. Flagg is a potential generational talent, with an incredibly bright future ahead of him.