May 21, 2024

The McKamey Manor House

McKamey Manor is a very well known haunted house, and not in the very best way… They are popular on social media for their scary content. Some say this shouldn’t be considered a haunted house. Russ McKamey, the owner of the famous haunted house, is very proud of the way it is running to this day. McKamey Manor welcomes people ages 21 years old and up, unless you have the parents consent that allows anyone from 18 to 20. Before you can even get inside, you have to make sure you pass all the requirements.

For example, you need a sports physical, a doctors note, a background check, a drug test, and lastly a facetime call between you and Russ himself. If you truly decide you can make it in there, then first you will have to sign a 40 page waiver. There are two locations for this haunting experience, one located in Summertown, Tennessee and the other is located in Huntsville, Alabama. This business has been ran by Russ for the past 14 years and he always finds a new way to scare people.

Inside that haunted house is all of his fears, Russ himself said he wouldn’t go through his own haunted house because he knows what goes on in there. Inside of that haunted house are not just silly little scares. They have many scary and harmful activities in the McKamey Manor. For example, they can physically assault you, force you to drink or eat unknown things, waterboard, and other forms of torture. This shows you that this isn’t just a regular haunted house. Many people think that this should be illegal, but it is perfectly legal because of the 40 page waiver you have to sign.

The haunted house tour lasts up to 8 -10 hours, but nobody has ever made it through the tour. The goal is: if you make it all the way through, you can win $20,000. Do you think you could make it through?