April 15, 2024

Artificial Intelligence was featured on Sunday September 10th, during the national football league’s week one matchup between the Los Angeles chargers and the Miami Dolphins at the SoFi stadium. People in the crowd started to notice these strange “robots” sitting casually around the audience, and this isn’t the first time this has been seen.

There were many conspiracies about these “human” robots appearing in these sports games because of a sponsorship being giving to the stadium to promote some sort of new movie that hasn’t been released. Or that these “robots” are being showed off to promote any kind of new invention of creating robots. In all reality it is known that these “Robots” are humans with special effects makeup to make it seem as real as possible, but more people are getting curious to know if real AI robots are in process of being invented.

There are a few countries that are being talked about and are in actual process of creating these real AI robots with very high technology with almost every sense a human has. These countries include a parts of Europe like Germany. As new and more advanced technology get introduced as the years go by, it’s not a surprise if these people are trying to make robots “rule the world.” There are many mixed emotions about AI robots being created and it hasn’t been a lot of good feedback on this idea.