May 18, 2024

Exploring the Mind of a Serial Killer

A serial killer is someone who commits a series of murders, sometimes even targeting multiple victims over a period of time. They often have a specific pattern or motive behind their killings, and the crimes are usually premeditated. 

Have you ever thought about the difference between a serial killer and a normal individual? Obviously a normal person does not attempt multiple murders, but how does a serial killer become a serial killer? How does it happen? Are they born or made that way?

Research by Dr. Scott Bonn, a criminologist, author, and public speaker says “It’s likely a combination of the two. Psychopaths are born that way, while sociopaths have been socialized into it”. But, what can cause people to grow into killers? Physical or sexual abuse, drug abuse, traumatic childhood events, or even a family member who deals with bad mental illnesses can pass onto themselves, can lead up to creating a serial killer.

But, what goes on in the brain of a murderer? The University of Nebraska explains that the thought process of a serial killer has a different way of thinking compared to average people. Research shows that their brains have less connectivity in the region that processes negative stimuli, which may contribute to their inclination to commit violent acts. The university also explains that they don’t feel any empathy, which could be due to childhood trauma they’ve experienced.