June 15, 2024

1989 (Taylor’s Version) Vault Tracks: Review

In recent years, pop sensation Taylor Swift has taken on the task of reimagining her catalog and rereleasing them as the unequivocal “Taylor’s Version”. On every re-recorded album there are new songs that were supposed to be on the original album but didn’t make it, and those are called vault tracks. 1989 came with 5 new songs Say Don’t Go, Suburban Legends, Now That We Don’t Talk, Is It Over Now? and “Slut!”.

Taylor Swift the night she announced 1989 (Taylor Version)

Is It Over Now? – If I were to put every lyric in the song that shock me the whole song would be on here. I instantly liked it because of how bold and direct it is. This song explains cheating on both of sides. “Was it over when she laid down on your couch? / Was it over when he unbuttoned my blouse?” This song is just very unhinged but refreshingly brutal. “If she’s got blue eyes, I will surmise that you’ll probably date her.” This song pacts so much into it not only about the cheating but how the outside world talks only about her wrong doings in the relationship. Overall, Taylor paints a very vivid picture of the toxic relationship.

“Slut!” – I thought this song was going to be an upbeat song like most of the songs on the album I couldn’t be more wrong. I was surprised by the pacing of the song and the way in which she sings it; very soft and melodic. The lyrics hold a very deep meaning to them like,” Love thorns all over this rose, I’ll pay the price you won’t.” a rose is obviously a beautiful thing that we see with love and beauty, but it’s cover in thorns. In this case Taylor is the rose and the thorns being the false narrative that the media paints on her. She’s this beautiful creature that wants to give and receive love but is covered up by the fact that she’s a slut, she’s crazy, she runs around with all these guys. “I’ll pay the price you won’t.” means the guy that she is with won’t receive the same treatment as will when the news gets out. All in all, it’s a genius and beautiful song.

Now That We Don’t Talk – It’s a shame Taylor didn’t put this one the album when it first came out because it could’ve become a single quickly. This is a song you can interpret in many different ways towards different people. Although some say this song is about Harry Styles and their relationship when I first listened to it, I thought it could also be about an ex best friend. The lyrics just fit perfectly for both situations. The lines that stood out the most for me were “I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock / Or that I’d like to be on a mega-yacht / With important men who think important thoughts.” because when you’re in a situation where you constantly have to pretend it gets tiring and when you finally get out it’s a relief.

Suburban Legends– I love Suburban Legends because it’s an upbeat and hopeful song. My interpretation of this song is it’s about two people who were both too big for their small towns and they both got out and made something of themselves aka suburban legends. “We were born to be national treasures.” and ” I broke my own heart ’cause you were too polite to do it.” shows if they did make it work out, they could become this magical thing but, in the end, it was never going to work out because it was ruined from the beginning. It also reminds me of Mastermind, the beat of the song, another good song.

Say Don’t Go – Last but not least Say Don’t Go is a track about betrayal. It is actually a very emotional song when you listen to the words, she uses like this “Now your silence has me screamin’, screamin'” She essentially is in love with someone who doesn’t love her back. She’s would give anything for them to say don’t go so she could stay with them forever even though they don’t hold the same amount of love towards her. “And I’m yours, but you’re not mine.” Knowing they want to leave and they’re going to leave regardless of what she says or does she’s still holding on to that hope of them changing their mind even though he isn’t devoted to her in the same way she is to him.