May 21, 2024

Mystery Flesh Pit National Park – Is It A Good Concept? – OPINION

Mystery Flesh Pit National Park, a franchise that originally started on Reddit in 2019 by Trevor Roberts. Mystery Flesh Pit is a digital horror story about a “Superorganism” dubbed the “Persian Basin Superorganism” by scientists. As it was found, the mouth was pried open and the still-living creature was turned into a national park people could go into.

The Mystery Flesh Pit National Park was where you went into the Superorganism, yet it as well had a visitor center and it has areas for its workers. Deep in the flesh pit, there are macrobacteria which are in more bug-like lifeforms such as Abyssal Copepods. Most of the macrobacteria creatures are hunters, with a few such as gasp owls and amalgamations. The flesh pit is dangerous if you venture too far into it. To be fair though, any national park can be.

On July 4th, 2007, The Mystery Flesh Pit National Park closed following mass casualties. It was raining hard causing the creature choke. Thus destroyed all the buildings inside including the people inside and/or trapped, sending everything into it’s stomach. Now, its unknown if the pit will open back up again.
I personally feel it is a wonderful concept. It gives both reality, and an interesting depiction on if a lifeform that large was able to survive in the ground we walk on.