December 2, 2023

Random Assortment of One Piece Theories

  1. One Piece is the Destruction of the Red Line 

A strikingly plausible One-Piece theory, that is backed by an incredible amount of evidence to support it. The theory offers that the One Piece is the destruction of the Red Line, and the unification of all the seas, bringing all races and civilizations together, and the world to be One Piece. The destruction of the Red Line allows for all crew members’ dreams to be attained. 

  1. What is Pluton? 

A theory that states Pluton is not any type of conventional ship. It’s been theorized that Plutons power comes from its name, hence the fact that “Pluto” is the ruler of the underground in Greek mythology and Pluton being a body of rock that is crystallized from magma slowly cooling on the Earth.  

Continuing that, the theory offers Pluton was a drilling ship. A ship that can drill through anything, be it land, steel, or even magma itself. The theory believes that Pluton was created to destroy the Red Line. For Pluton to be recovered, the walls around Wano would have to be destroyed, as Sukiyaki states in chapter 1055. 

  1. The Four Gods + Devil Fruits? 

One Piece has revealed that Gods do, in fact, exist. Readers and characters alike discovered the identity of Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi, to be the Hito Hito no Mi Model: Sun God Nika. Only four gods are truly known. The Sun God, the Rain God, the Forest God, and the Earth God. The identity of characters who may be in possession of these Devil Fruits is unknown. 

It is speculated that Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon as the user of the Rain God Devil fruit, based on the status of the surrounding area whenever Dragon has appeared in the series, and the fact that his Devil Fruit is unknown as of now, and his impact within the One-Piece universe. Admiral Ryokugyu is the only “real” candidate as of now to possibly possess the Forest God Devil Fruit, contributed by his current abilities that are nature related. However, Admiral Ryokugyu is more heavily debated as a candidate for the Forest God Devil Fruit as many don’t believe it to be plausible, as he is a relatively insignificant character, in terms of effect/impact, to have such a powerful Devil Fruit. More people speculate a Devil Fruit on that level would be more plausibly attributed to, for example, one of the Gorosei or a character not yet revealed. The Earth God Devil Fruit is possibly the most mysterious and heavily contested of all “God” Devil Fruits.

  1. Imu’s Identity 

Imu is a mysterious character and has been recently revealed as the leader of the World Government, holding the ultimate power and authority. Hidden in the shadows, Imu operates and controls the world from behind the scenes.  It’s come to light that Imu has been alive since the founding of the World Government, which has been theorized by fans to be with one known remedy, the Opi-Opi no Mi’s ultimate power, used at the sacrifice of its user, the Perennial Youth Surgery. The occupant of the Empty Throne was revealed to be Saint Imu of the Nerona Family, amongst the 20 founders. Moreover, only one of the twenty founders could command the Five Gorosei.  Due to the previous reasons, many fans speculate Imu to be immortal in a sense, with Perennial Youth Surgery.