June 15, 2024

R.E.M. Beauty V. Rare Beauty

R.E.M. beauty is a makeup brand created by singer-songwriter and actress Ariana Grande. They are known for their high quality products and especially their famous long-lasting products and vibrant eyeshadows. Rare Beauty is a makeup created by another singer-songwriter and actress Selena Gomez. Rare Beauty is known for their inclusive range of products (foundation) and especially their blushes . Their makeup is super natural looking yet enhances others beauty.

R.E.M. Beauty promotional material

R.E.M. Beauty products include cruelty free, paraben free, vegan, and recyclable. In some the reviews most of them were not liking R.E.M. Beauty and their products.

One person said “I have tried three products – the foundation, the blurring primer, and the calming face mist. All were poor quality and not worth the price. yes the packaging and aesthetics are cute, but the quality of the makeup is so bad that it shocks me that influencers have had so much good to say…”. She also said “the foundation did not blend well for me – despite using the primer, the foundation became flaky and peeled, and my skin was moisturized and generally isn’t dry. the primer smells like chemicals and also didn’t “blur” anything as stated. my old elf primer, which was half the price, was far better. the face mist also smelled like chemicals and didn’t feel cooling or skin soothing… nowhere near worth the $24.”

From all of this information in her experience she obviously did not like their products and will not be purchasing nothing else. Another person says ” The highlights and lipstick are okay. However, if it compared to the price, it soo expensive”. From all this information I would say probably be aware that the products aren’t the best for the money. If it was have price for the quality and maybe that would be a different answer.

Rare beauty says they chose NOT to market their brand as clean because “‘clean’ beauty lacks a regulatory definition by the Food and Drug Administration”. Rare Beauty also says “But rest assured, our products are thoughtfully formulated, thoroughly tested, and made to comply with worldwide regulations of quality and safety—you have our word. Rare Beauty is cruelty free, vegan, and certified by PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies.” So we can “trust” their products.

But lets look at the reviews on what they have to say… one review on the Rare Beauty website it says “Love the smell and the way it feels when sprayed. However I’ve noticed some intense separation of the liquids in the bottle. Not sure if this always happens or if it needs to be refrigerated. However it has become a staple in my skincare regimen and will continue to be. Love the Rare Beauty line. Would be five stars but the customer service took a few months and a few agents to get it right.” another review says “I went to Sephora looking for foundation, and I was color matched with Rare Beauty. I ended up purchasing foundation, concealer, and a few eye shadow pencils. Then when I got home, I ordered two highlighting powders, and a setting powder. This make-up makes me feel so good! For the first time in ages, I’m not wanting to take my make-up as soon as I can. Rare Beauty products feel weightless while having great, natural looking coverage. My highlighting powders arrived shattered, so I contacted customer service – which was a phenomenal experience! I cannot wait for my replacement highlighting powders to arrive! I love this make-up. I love how I feel wearing this make-up.”

By the information and other peoples feedback from each makeup brands it shows that you should choose Rare beauty. It supposedly makes others feel good and feels weightless. If you want a makeup look that feels light without being heavy on your face than you should get rare beauty.