June 15, 2024

Nick Cannon: After Getting Fired

Nick Cannon, a well known TV host, actor, and rapper, recently got fired from his own show that he hosted for awhile. He got terminated in 2020 after making antisemitic comments on a podcast he was a guest on. If you are unfamiliar with what antisemitic is I will define it for you; “hostile to or┬áprejudice against Jewish people.” Following his exit , Cannon focused on expanding his career and exploring many opportunities such as rapping and doing more podcasts. He launched his own talk show named “The Nick Cannon Show” which showcased his bombastic hosting skills and featured celebrity interviews. Cannon also continued acting roles in both films and television.

As for “Wild ‘N Out”, a couple months after he got fired he apologized and he was rehired as the TV host again. Fans of the show were delighted when the news broke that Cannon eventually reconnected with the production team.

Nick Cannon’s journey after his departure from “Wild ‘N Out” never went downhill and was filled with new ventures and successes. His departure was able to let him show his talent as a TV host, actor, and rapper just a bit more. Although his eventual return brought joy to fans who were waiting for him to come back.