June 15, 2024

Short Form Content Needs to Stop – OPINION

Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok; these forms of entertainment have swept the minds of all who’ve had any social media accounts since September 2016. But many individuals, including younger ones, have not seen the effect it has had to content in general. As an example, artists and creatives on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have had to go to Shorts in order to promote business. “Lets Players” have had to cut videos into small 7-20 second bits. People in general have been losing tolerance to greater long form content and videos.

Creators have been put in a tiny box to show what usually is a longer message in general. Some claim that children and teens have slowly gained shorter attention spans and have given less care to greater length content. When this change happens on a big enough scale like this, it hurts the creators who prefer to give greater care to longer content over less care to lesser content, putting the internet in a quality-over-quantity situation to satisfy the smaller prefrontal cortices to today’s viewers.