July 16, 2024

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Released: From Sympathy to Backlash

The Act, based on Gypsy’s life was released on March 20, 2019, as Gypsy’s release date got closer many started to watch it, feeling sorry for such a hard life she had to live and what she’s had to go through. Many people were excited for her release to see what she would do with her newfound freedom. On the day of her release paparazzi were waiting for her outside the prison already asking questions and wanting answers quickly. The first thing we saw Gypsy do was buying a new pair of shoes when she got out. Days passed and we’re getting all of these interviews, some asking fun simple questions, while others are wanting to get facts straight as for what happened to her in the past, and if the show The Act was accurate.

Since the release of Gypsy Rose Blanchard on December 28, 2023, she has been busy with interviews and traveling adjusting to her new life outside of prison with her husband Ryan Scott Anderson. Although Gypsy has only been released for about 3 weeks, she has already been through the interview circuit, and has been given the opportunities to appear on some shows. Whether if it is Gypsy Rose herself that has been in the media’s eye or not there hasn’t been much of a moment where Gypsy hasn’t gone undocumented online. She has been very active and even unhinged on Instagram and TikTok. One comment from her on Instagram went viral after some were making fun of her husband. Blanchard typed out an inappropriate comment last sentence being ” Happy wife happy life”. Other than that she been posting all the fun she has been having, from going to New York a welcome home party, and a number of selfies.

The public loved Gypsy and enjoyed seeing what she had to say about everything and getting to know her. However, the public did what it does best and switches up on people that they made famous after a couple of weeks. People are now seeing these new interviews that Gypsy is doing and are picking apart everything she does. In her most recent interview she is with her husband, people are noticing that she puts her hand on his arm as a sign to stop talking, even at one point whispering “shut up.” With that, people are questioning if she is manipulative towards him and are bringing up her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn. Godejohn played a large part in her mother’s death and many are saying how she was also manipulative towards him, basically doubting if her relationship with Ryan is healthy and if it will end well. In many interviews Gypsy has stated that she is still growing as a person since life outside of prison is different. Even though some people have switched up on Gypsy, she still has some fans that believe in her and are excited to see what the future holds for her.