June 15, 2024

Was A Massive Alien Spotted Outside Miami Mall? Police Reveal the Truth

On Friday, January 5th, a Miami mall was shut down by police due to rumors being spread that a 8-10ft tall shadow wondering around inside. The market turned red hot after a video on social media going viral showing a figure strolling outside Bayside Marketplace. The video also showed the figure surrounded by dozens of officers and cruisers with their lights flashing.

When the video went viral, murmurs came flooding as well. “I don’t know if the rumors about the aliens at the Miami Mall are real, but I do know I never seen this many people in one place,” one X user posted.

Some people have claimed that they lost WiFi for hours while some alleged that the nearby airports were shut down.

The Miami police made statements, calling them ‘false’.

“There were no aliens, UFOs, or ET’s.”

In one video, Officer Michael Vega added: “It’s a shadow of a person walking. If you look at the beginning of the clip, you can see the person at the bottom of the shadow. If there was any creature, myself and other officers would have our rifles out while we hide behind our cars.” He added.

The police also added that it was caused by a large brawl between teenagers on Monday night. Some of them set off fireworks inside the mall, many people thinking there had been a shooting.

Later they arrested four juveniles for causing massive distress. “The juveniles were causing chaos.” Vega mentioned.