December 4, 2023

Interview With The Freshmen

NMS_5333Arabelle Gonzalez

– A freshmen who is very nice. I asked Arabelle how school was on the first day of school. She said “It was fun, and a little scary, but it is a new experience”. Most of her teachers are nice and her favorite subject is math. Asked, do you like carrying around a 3 inch binder? “NO, I do not like carrying around that binder. It is unnecessary, and in the hallways it gets really crowded”. She also loves P.E. class with teacher Travis Rogers. How is the rest of your freshmen class? She replies ” There is a lot of bickering, and bullies, but most of them hang out in the Library (so they can not talk loud)”. Arabelle is interested in Cheerleading,and she has lots of senior friends to help her if needed. (Way to go Senior friends)

NMS_5334Steven VanWalleghen

– A very carefree freshmen at South High. “The 1st day of school was boring and I was tired”. Steven also likes P.E. with teacher Travis Rogers. He wants to join the swim team, (they get to use the new pool for swim meets). Steven has not joined any clubs, yet! When asked, how is your freshmen class, he states, “They are cool, and at lunch they start fights, but I think it is ‘funny’. Most freshmen like to hang out in the courtyard for lunch”. Steven’s hobbies are playing soccer for fun (not for South), and playing video games!

NMS_5335Melonie Baca

– Melonie’s first day of school was “GREAT”. She said it was fun but, “the seniors are scary”! She thinks most of her teachers are nice, and she loves her P.E. class with teacher Travis Rogers. Melonie thinks carrying a 3 inch binder is “so stupid”, and it gets heavy. She loves running but, does not want to do Track or Cross Country but, she wants to play soccer, and tennis. I asked Melonie how her freshmen class was, she replied, “They are cool, but rude. They act like they are older, and most of the freshmen hang out in the courtyard/outside for lunch”. Melonie does not really eat school lunch, but she said the pizza is “really good”. She mostly goes to the Titan Mart.

NMS_5338Spencer Huard

– Spencer is really good at his classes, but he hates math. His favorite subject is science, because it is fun. Spencer thinks the 3 inch binders are “unnecessary, because most freshmen do not even put a lot of stuff in it”. Spencer’s hobbies are playing video games. He is every active, and likes his P.E. class with Coach Grow. Liking physical activity is great when you want to do sports. He wants to play baseball for South High, which is good, because we could always use more people for scrimmages! After the interview was over Spencer said, “I thought this was going to be more fun, like… I dont know, but fun to be interviewed”. I replied, “Well you just have to wait, we dont go screaming, running, and skidding down hallways just anytime!”


Picture(s) taken by Sam