May 24, 2024

Cross Country’s 4th Meet

Cross Country had there 4th meet and were very successful. It was at Ark City Camp Quaker Haven at 4:00pm. There were only 2 teams. Boys 5K and Girl 4K. 8 Boys and 6 Girls from South High represented us.

The Boys Team overall score led them into 1st place out of 3 teams.

-4th place was Elijah Epps with the time of 20:48.70

-5th place was Bailee Zink at 21:13.53

-9th place was Tyler Temaat at 21:54.87

-13th place was Joseph Jacobsen at 22:56.00

-16th place was Jose Mendez at 24:19.19

-25th place was Izaak Spierling at 30:31.78

-26th place was  Adam Deiter at 31:34.40

-27th place was Quinton Tiger at 32:00.67


The Girls got 2nd place out of 2 teams.

-7th place was Ashlee Forman with the time of 20:49.08

-8th place was Bianka Escoto at 21:19.73

-14th place was Madison McDonald at 24:05.29

-18th place was Haylee Rose at 28:17.06

-19th place was Kaylee Harris at 32:09.06

-20th place was Airial VanNover at 33:46.23