July 16, 2024

Do you like art?


Do you like art? City Arts is a place where you can take classes for many things like drawing, ceramics, glass blowing, cartooning, etc. Like this summer, I did ceramics and I got to work with the pottery  wheel. I made a plate, bowls, and a cup that you can eat and drink off of.


This is a picture of what you could do in a ceramics class at City Arts.

City arts is a fun place to go for art classes, I have always done something there every year. I think if you want to do something with your creativity you should sign up for classes. During the fall these are all the classes you can take: CityArts-Catalog-Fall-2013-for-web .

To find out more or what other classes there are go to:http://wichitaarts.com/classes/