December 8, 2023

Top 10 Prettiest Sounding Instruments

Every Instrument sounds Amazing, but what are the prettiest? Cello, Piano, Violin, Viola, Bass, Harp, Saxophone, French Horn, Flute and Clarinet.

1. Cello

The cello is a member of the violin family. It has 4 strings tuned into perfect fifths.

The  strings, in order from lowest to highest, are C, G, D, A.



2. Piano

The piano is one of the most familiar instruments. It is played by pressing keys which send little hammers down onto strings.


3. Violin

The violin is probably one of the most well known instruments, and is in almost every kind of music anyone listens to (with the exception of a few genres). It is a bowed string instrument tuned into perfect fifths just like the cello. the strings for violin in order from lowest to highest are G, D, A, E.



4. Viola

The Viola is not very well known but still has a beautiful sound. It is played like a violin but has the strings of a cello. Its tiny, only and inch or two bigger than the violin, but makes a gorgeous low pitched sound.


5.  Bass

The bass could either be a double bass (string base) or an electric bass. The strings are the same as the violin, just in the opposite order.



6. Harp

Harps are big multi-stringed instruments.



7. Saxophone

A wind instrument that is usually made of brass.



8. French Horn

This was an invention based on the early hunting horns. It is a modification of the 16th century horns.



9. Flute

A woodwind instrument. The player of a flute doesn’t use a reed to play it.



10. Clarinet

A woodwind instrument that does need a reed to be played. it is a straight tube with a bell on the end.