December 2, 2023


Everyday people die. Whether it is from a sickness or a freak accident, a life is lost and one more person will always be missed. Nobody living on this earth is promised to still be living tomorrow or just a second from right now. Anything can happen at anytime, cherish every moment you are given because you never know when you will be given another..

*You could be driving to a friend’s house and BOOM! The person driving in the opposite direction reached for their phone to read a text and a head on collision occurs.

* You could be on the phone with your long distance cousin and he never says another word.  Just the other day this happened to a friend of my moms. They still don’t know the reason for the death, but has something to do with natural causes within the body. Our health is not guaranteed, it can change at any moment. It is one thing we have no control over. A life threatening disease such as cancer can take over our lives without warning.

* Here in Wichita right before Christmas in December a man was planning to use some bombs at our local airport. Luckily he was caught and his plans did not go through, but if they did many many innocent people could have died. The same type of case happened during the Boston race and 9/11. My respect goes to all the people that were harmed.

* Another event to remember  is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that happened unexpectedly.

Anything could happen at any moment. You could be at school, the movie, work or getting groceries from the grocery store and somebody could have planned an attack at that place which you are standing at that time. There are always precautions you can take (smoke free, eat healthy, drive safely, not going to unsafe places, etc). Just always remember nothing is guaranteed and we are never promised anything. It is always important to tell your loved ones you love them because you never know if its the last time you get to see them or talk to them.