May 21, 2024

What’s Up With All the Abortion Stuff?

At our schools, on our cars, on the side of trucks, and at the local Dillions…anti-abortion fanatics have been terrorizing our community with graphic photographs of dead ‘babies’ and propagating posters. They show up, children coming along in groups all holding photos and shouting nonsense with their own personal security. People minding their business driving on Kellog and Rock or Oliver may notice a group of people wearing red holding striking imagery of bloodied, hurt or just generally disturbing-looking fetuses. Those pictures are accompanied by further propaganda.

Free the States, an anti-abortion group, marched in downtown Wichita on March 2.

I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s wondered how those photos exist and where they came from. Some of that can be credited to Monica Migliorino Miller, an author and theology professor at Madonna University. The director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, who, in her free time collected photos of newborns that were disposed of in Midwestern healthcare facilities. She claims, “Maybe 50 percent of the graphic images of abortion victims that you’ll find online are probably my photography.” Though the worst of these might not even include those images. On a linked website they offer these posters to buy for your own neighborhood terrorizing adventures. On this site a poster with a real picture of a slave with markings on his back, a picture you’ve probably seen, now captioned “Every age has its evil, every age has its abolitionists”, the Abolitionists’ catchphrase. Another poster claims abortion protects pedophiles and encourages date rapists.

Why now, wasn’t there bill months ago? Well yes, but this whole debate will probably last forever so anyway, from March 1-4 there was a conference with Bleeding Kansas. This can explain the increase in public protests with groups alike joining in ruining people’s days with propaganda imagery.

Bleeding Kansas believes “Kansas is bleeding, so it is the duty of Christians to stand against that crimson flood and love our preborn neighbors as ourselves.” know…..the unborn…are most at risk…right now….actually…in the real world…overall…yeah. “Our message is simple:
God says abortion is murder, and it must be abolished.” So it’s just Christians being mad that people won’t live by their rules, whos surprised?

You may be wondering, Bleeding Kansas? What do they even mean? By bleeding they mean performing abortions and allowing abortion to happen freely with clinics and easy access. Kansas is dying-bleeding because we allow abortion. But since the 80’s clinics have only decreased, from 23 in 1982 to 15 in 1992, to 4 in 2014 with one new location popping up just last year.

The three groups that I know have to have protested outside of schools are

  • Abortion ‘Abolitionists’
  • Bleeding Kansas
  • Free the States

The abolitionists came to our school and both the latter to East, with their posters and flyers in hand bringing their school-aged children with them.

On Bleeding Kansas’ website, you can see a variety of crazy wording. They state every age has its evil, and abortion is ours, referencing slavery as our past evil, implying that evil is done with, and abortion. They compare the two just as Bleeding Kansas with their name. In a section of their website named ‘declaration of sentiments‘, they fully compare themselves to abolitionists during slavery, saying they will not back down just as they didn’t.

They say that “Today we face a similar situation” with abortion as we did slavery. While I hope everyone can see how undeniably different and no one where near the same these two things are it’s unsurprising that this agreement is used. Looking at protest pictures you won’t be shocked to see that nearly everyone is white and with signs saying “Black babies are aborted at almost the same rate they are born in America” ignoring the reason for abortion entirely and missing the underlying problems actually need attention. Instead, they overlook everything with the assumed skewed and biased ‘stat’ and decide the issue is abortion and not everything that goes on before it. These people do not care about rights, these people do not care about children, and these people want control.

It’s no surprise Bleeding Kansas does the same with its name and website. They ask, “What Does God Want Those Who Live During a Genocide to Do?” on their website as if abortion is any comparison to living, breathing, human genocide.

Abolitionists, with their name, call those against it segregationists if we use the same terms. The segregation of the unborn and living, I assume. They entertain the idea that the pain of living through slavery or the genocide of your own people is comparable to being aborted,

Both organizations make it a point to differentiate themselves from pro-lifers. They are anti-abortion through and through, calling for charges of murder against those who get or perform abortions. In their own declaration of sentiments, they clarify that there is no exception for those assaulted or those at risk for complications or worse when giving birth. Saying, “The idea that abortion is necessary to save a mother’s life is a myth embraced by our culture to justify the mass murder of healthy children developing within the wombs of healthy women.”

If you are one of the Wichians that hasn’t seen Mark Gietzen or similar crazies’ trucks consider yourself lucky. Gietzen is a notable citizen and founder of the Kansas Coalition for Life. I may have mentioned this again just to have a reason to add a picture but, you’ll be glad you too saw him.

Mark Gietzen and Trump

The crazy truck in question is a big yellow truck that drives around with a huge “aborted baby” photo on it—calling itself the ‘Truth Truck’. These trucks and all these organizations work together to ignore the problem of abortion and terrorize the eyes of people going about their day all while making zero progress with their own cause. Proclaiming anyone who gets an abortion or performs one should be prosecuted for murder. Having a bill, House Bill 2181, in the Kansas Legislature, which has seven co-sponsors but hasn’t moved an inch since January. Also, it’s a tiny surprise that no joke, every single one of the co-sponsors is a bald white guy, all seven.

The recurring theme of using pain inflected to minorities as an argument based on the personal bias- that they don’t hide in the slightest, shows the corruption in the ideas they regurgitate. The people in these organizations don’t care about saving lives, they want everyone to live by the rules they chose to. They don’t care about the black abortion rate, because if they did they’d look into the reasons it affects that group over another and know that the problem with abortion isn’t the procedure but what comes before it. March 29th they plan to host an abortion abolishment rally in Topeka this time, thank god. All this is to say, learn how stupid these people are and scare them of coming back to our schools, our state, and our country.