May 18, 2024

Is TikTok shop safe? What you should know

TikTok shop is an online platform like Temu and Amazon that allows users to showcase and sell non-sponsored products. Users can then post a video selling their product for the TikTok community to discover and purchase. Many using the hashtag #TikTokmademebuyit, gaining over 76.6B views. With the Platform main audience being kids to teens you may be curious of where your kid is buying from and more importantly, is it safe?

What are people saying about the shop?

Steve Bernas, president and CEO of Better Business Bureau Chicago, issued a press release stating that buying from TikTok Shop is just as risky as purchasing from any other social media site.

Bernas states “Consumers should vigilantly follow online shopping safety tips when using TikTok Shop,” he stated. “With any new service comes the potential for scams, especially with online shopping, where it could be difficult to verify a seller’s identity or vet their background.” but do not just take his word for it take actual consumers. After speaking with TikTok consumers I had positive and negative feedback:

“My package was supposed to come, and I got a fake text message from UPS saying that it wasn’t going to deliver… good thing it was only 16 cents.” South high juniors, Kyrstyn Riemen says.

Unlike Riemen, another junior Justice Beach has a different take on TikTok shop:

“I got two lip liners, and they were not late or anything it was on time… 36 cents for two lip liners, they are pretty good quality… and it actually glides on your lip super easily!” Justice Beach says.

With two completely different opinions on the shop it may lead you to questions is the shop reliable.

How reliable is TikTok shop?

TikTok shop does not actually handle payment, instead it uses the third-party services PayPal and Stripe. PayPal and Stripe are relatively safe and do not focus much concern. The shop even claims it does not store costumers’ information after the purchase is made; however, scammers still find ways to slip through the cracks.

It TikTok shop safe?

As the social media app released its new shop experts are warning costumers of the potential risks. There are many ways to tell if you are being scammed on the platform. All purchases from TikTok happen in the app. If at any point you are asked to leave the app, you’re at possible risk for being scammed. Another way users can pick out a scam is if brand items are priced at extremely low prices. To check Brand account, make sure you see a blue check mark symbol next to brand-sellers (Not all TikTok shop items are branded). Lastly, another way to check for hidden scams is to think before you buy. With the shops prices being exceptionally low it is hard to pick out what is fake or real.

If there is one thing to keep in mind from this article it is to think before you buy!