June 15, 2024

In a world where mistletoe meets mosh pits, and reindeer horns are more than just festive headgear, a new genre of holiday cheer is born – Metal Christmas. Move over, sleigh bells, because it’s time for skull-crushing riffs and guttural growls to deck the halls.

‘Red Christmas’ by type O negative implies a joyful tune but the lyrics, wrapped in Peter Steele’s deep baritone, paint a portrait of a Christmas tainted by heartache and loss. The color red, typically associated with festive warmth, takes on a darker hue, embodying themes of loss, longing -perhaps a sense of emotional intensity that transcends the holiday cheer. The lyrics tell of the Christmas where the table is set for 7, instead of last year’s 11. Meaning 4 members of the family have died in a year. In this haunting melody, Type O Negative captures the bittersweet essence of a Christmas tainted by the shadows of grief and remembrance.

‘Twas “A Twisted Christmas”: Can’t forgot the most iconic, Twisted Sister’s “Heavy Metal Christmas”. From the head-banging guitars in “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” to the turbo-charged version of “Deck the Halls,” Twisted Sister basically turns your grandma’s Christmas playlist into a mosh pit. Their no-holds-barred, rock ‘n’ roll makeover of holiday classics in “A Twisted Christmas” is like Santa traded his sleigh for a Harley. Twisted Sister’s take on yuletide tunes isn’t just for the metalheads; it’s the holiday soundtrack for anyone tired of the same ol’ jingle bells. 

Corgan-mas: Smashing Pumpkins… my love… their creation ‘Christmastime’ is a masterpiece of Billy Corgan’s beautiful voice. The classic Christmas song bells are played and a cheery tune is sung. He can do no wrong…All you need to know is this song is fire-stream.

So, as we rock our way through this unconventional winter wonderland, Metal Christmas proves that the holiday spirit is not confined to sugar and spice. Christmas is Christmas. So #beyourself.