June 15, 2024

Fashion Trends That Need to Come Back-OPINION

As the world keeps spinning fashion keeps changing. It doesn’t sit right with me because we make the wrong things trendy… for example those MSCHF Big Red Boots when trends before that like early 2000s were way better. Fashion trends come and go over and over again but here are some that I think everyone should get on board with again.

Platform Sandals

Every time I watch a movie that is kind of old and realize what shoes the girl is wearing, they’re always either Mary Janes or platform sandals. I always think to myself those are so cute. I hardly ever see people wearing those now. They need to come back ASAP!

Popcorn Shirts

Now by looking at them you probably think they’re hideous but they’re not. You have to be wearing it in order for it to look good. The material would spice up a boring outfit nice so you wouldn’t have to try so hard.

Pile-Lined Jacket

These jackets are a nice and thick material, even better if they’re the ones with fur inside. Definitely one jacket that can always make an outfit better, never worse. These aren’t totally out of style, but more people need to start wearing them.


With winter coming up scarfs can keep you warm and also add a little something to your outfit. It’s a win-win. Plus, they come in so many different styles; there’s thick ones, thins ones, short, long and some have a pattern on them. They’re really handy and stylish.

Colored Tights

Why keep wearing regular black sheer tights when you can have fun and wear colored tights. They go good with a skirt, but I think you can also probably try them with shorts. I think it also looks good if they have a print on them, sometimes like flowers or and lace thing going on too.