July 16, 2024

The Heartcat: A Rain World Concept

As per my other posts, Rain World is a game where you play as a slugcat and have to survive and help fallen gods’ robotic companions dubbed iterators. When you play as the Heartcat, you have 5 required food pips and 3 extra food pips(⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫|⚫⚫⚫). The Heartcat has a new set of regions that hold a different group of iterators.

The first region the Heartcat ends up in is Coral Caverns, a region with a bunch of shallow pools of water per each couple rooms, and it holds new fruits dubbed grapplefruit. Grapplefruit are odd egg pods that are stuck to the wall by thin yet tough stems that you need to use a spear to break. Grapplefruit gives one and a half food pips, and if you don’t eat it you can throw it at a surface and use the stem to grapple for 10 seconds, which will be useful with the many colorful cliffs.

There’s also newer fauna, starting with the Spiked Lizard. The spiked lizard is the green lizard of the Heartcat’s campaign. The spiked lizard can have varying colors from red all the way to bright purple, and its body is covered in spikes hence its name. It’s jaws have a low bite lethality, and it’s very territorial and will fight with others of both its own species, and other species. There are also many more creatures, including variants of the centipedes and such.

After you get out of Coral Caverns you come across an iterator named Bright Deadly Seas. They are a rather friendly iterator, who is the one to give The Heartcat the mark of communication. They then send them off with a spare Rarefaction Cell, knowing a friend of theirs needs one due to the lack of power or responses. After going through two different regions called Darkened Swallows and Depths Below, they find the said iterator named Raging Rivers. Raging Rivers is a passive aggressive iterator who shows The Heartcat towards their superstructure, dubbed ‘Deep Darks’. After restoring the Rarefaction Cell, The Heartcat can either return to Bright Deadly Seas, or venture deep into Depths Below to find the Void Pond. In the Void Pond, the Heartcat can ascend as long as they have max karma.